Gourmet products of high nutritional value and quality.

Greedelfein is an import & export company of wholesale and retail products of high nutritional value and quality, Gourmet products, natural cosmetics, gifts, health and beauty.

Our company is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and aims at building a new range of high quality products with special production owners, from production to standardization, and promoting them to all the lovers of quality, quality food, good health, wellness and beauty.

The products it markets all come mainly from small producers that focus only on the quality of their products. From small innovative businesses to rare and often limited productions for special consumers. Most of these products are certified by international quality and health organizations, they are prized in international competitions and exhibitions around the world.

Sometimes they are available in limited quantities for both wholesale and retail orders due to limited quantities of produce, weather conditions or high demand from the commercial and consumer audiences interested in quality food.

Our products are usually available in five-star luxury hotels, Grandhotel, the best Schalet, International airports, well-known Delicatessen shops, luxury award-winning restaurants, wellness and beauty health institutes, luxury hairdressers, gyms, spa, tourist accommodation private clinics .Wholesale orders are made upon prior arrangement in accordance with the availability of the product for selected stores.

We are open to new proposals for cooperation of innovative quality products. We are looking for partners and dealers in all parts of the world, always aiming at promoting and developing quality.

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