The brand name of GREEDELFEIN company has been formed from English and German words which characterize the style and the culture of the Company, primarily highlighting at its first part, in a subtle way, the origins of the company in English, world’s international language, and, at the same time, making the brand sound like a German word alluding to the location of company headquarters and business in German-speaking Switzerland.

The second part of the brand name has a deeper, double meaning in German, meaning FINE or ELEGANT which refers to the fine, natural and pure high quality materials used in the manufacture of our excellent products and secondly to nobles as they are preferred by the high society of aristocracy. (GOURMET)
A third meaning of the German word clearly refers to providing elegant and quality products.

Greedelfein is a family-owned wholesale and online retail food company. It offers quality products of high nutritional value, Gourmet products, Mediterranean food products, natural cosmetics, Corporate Gifts, natural art products, health & beauty products, mostly based in Olive Oil and Honey.
The Swiss family-owned business Greedelfein has its origins in Greece but is based in Zurich, Switzerland and it aims to create a new range of high quality products with private productions.

From production to standardization and promotion, we offer our products to every lover of Mediterranean nutrition, quality, quality food, good health, wellness & beauty.

The products we provide to the market are mostly from very carefully selected suppliers and producers, who focus solely on the quality of their products and on pure natural materials from small, rare, biological, innovative, and sometimes limited in quantity produces, from every geographical location or climatic condition to satisfy even our most demanding consumers.

Greedelfein conducts continuous quality controls in order to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers, but also to keep our quality level high and always rising.

Most of Greedelfein products are certified by international quality and health organizations, are highly prized in international competitions of high quality food tasting, and have travelled and participated in the largest and most important quality product exhibitions around the world.

Sometimes, several of our products are available in limited quantities both for wholesale and retail orders due to limited amount of produce, climatic conditions, or due to high demand from traders & consumers who are interested in quality food.

Our products are usually available at special points & sales channels such as at five star hotels, at Grandhotel, at the best of chalets, at International Airports, at famous Delicatessen stores, luxury & award-winning restaurants, wellness & beauty institutes, spa, luxury houses, private schools, gyms, nurseries, tourist accommodations, private clinics, given as corporate gifts, etc.

Wholesale Orders are always made upon request in advance (Reservation) and according to the product availability for selected shops.

We are open to new suggestions for collaborations on innovative quality products as well as to new ideas.

We are looking for partners and agents from all parts of the world aiming always at promoting and improving the quality of our products.

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