“Mellin” Greek Organic Honey Fir with Thyme from Mount Giona 250gr

Amber color. Dense nose, with aromas of thyme, roasted fruit, wax and notes of wood. In the mouth, it is thick, complex and tasty with pleasant sweetness, felt thyme and a nice, long aftertaste.
This honey comes in a limited quantity and is released in 1000 numbered packages of 250ml, the years that exists in this production.



Where the Fir forest meets the Thymarotopoys on Mount Giona of the Municipality of Delphi, there is the permanent apiary. This rare natural coexistence results in our limited production of honey ̈elatis with Thyme “, which is a global innovation and is available in 1000 luxurious and numbered packages annually.
Thick, amber color with golden yellow hues. It is carved from the smell of wood and tobacco. Its taste is slightly sweet with a long finish. Its aroma is medium intensity, with notes of malt and caramel.The low content of HMF, which is an indicator of the highest quality of honey, as well as the application of the HACCP food Safety system, give you the ability to enjoy this rare product with unchanged all the qualitative and nutritional ingredients.
It is rich in minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron). It contains vitamins in very small quantities, but even this small amount helps to better digest the sugars from the human body.
Greek honey of limited production with thyme. Produce 1000 pieces a year in Delphi. With a mild taste like caramel, this honey is full of nutrients.

Organic Honey fir with thyme “MELLEAN” 250 gr.
Mount Giona – Municipality of Delphi
Rare natural coexistence of fir with wild thyme
Limited production – Numbered packages
Awarded with a Gold star, in the Great Taste Awards 2015 and 2016
Certified Organic