Olive groves Kolokotroni Zeolite Cultivation Organic Olive Oil 500ml Zeo B500

Extra virgin olive oil from organic farming ZEO 500ml
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Mineral rock, which due to its particular crystalline structure and its negative load, is of particular interest, in applications in medicine in Georgia and elsewhere. It has the ability to retain about 60% of its weight in water. When heated, it eliminates the water that is trapped in the crystals, giving the impression that it boils (it does), hence its name (boiling stone-zeolite).
Due to its electric load (it is one of the rare rocks with negative load) it acts as a natural filter, binding from the soil compounds and ions of metal, which are aggravating the food chain of plants and thus human, as long as These products are consumed by humans or by animals, which are included in the human diet. Radioactive substances, usually heavy metals, after accidents in nuclear plants or after scheduled nuclear tests, are transported with radioactive fallout and groundwater, at huge distances from the points of explosions, infecting Soil and plants, eventually ending up in our organism through the food chain.
No one on this planet is far enough away from Chernobyl or Fukushima. Apart from radioactive substances, there are toxic major chemical compounds, factory waste, exhaust fumes, pesticides, insecticides, which spread and contaminate crops, in exactly the same way. In the olive groves of Kolokotronis with the main aim of producing quality and high nutritional value olive oil, we apply zeolite both in the soil and in all phases of cultivation care.

Zeo B500

Olive oil Zeolithikis cultivation

The KOLOKOTRONI OLIVE GROVES are located In southern Greece, in the prefecture of Messinia and in a distance of 45 km from the city of KALAMATA. Here we care for the optimal growth and fruiting of our olive trees.
Complete absence of pesticides (even those that are allowed in organic farming). With the implementation of the ZEOLITE which is a natural filter and soil equalizer, we provide to the trees the ideal ratio of components required to produce olive oil of high biological and nutritional value. In Kolokotroni olive grooves besides the application of zeolite in the soil, we also carry out sprays to the trees and to the fruits with zeolite AND BIOLOGICAL ACTIVE MICROORGANISMS and therefore the substances that pollute the environment (heavy metals, radioactive elements, toxic substances, products of acid rain, pesticides, insecticides) which are transported by air or ground water, can not enter the organic production cycle of our olive oil.
* The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from unripe olives, contains an increased concentration of oleuropein, a phenol with strong antioxidant and anti-aging effects, responsible for its slightly pungent taste. Thus, olive oils with pungent taste are biologically superior to those that have a neutral taste.
* Antioxidants protect cell membranes, increase vascular resistance (protection from cardiovascular disease) prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, help to the control of blood pressure, offer anti-cancer activity, protect bones and joints, reduce swelling , inflammation and degenerative changes.
* Squalene, a substance present in olive oil, is related to the inhibition of cancer process. It protects the human skin from lipid peroxidation due to ionizing and ultraviolet radiation. It protects the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, small and large intestine)
* Because the antioxidants (phenols) that are contained in olive oil are sensitive to light and high temperature, keep the bottle inside the packaging box and away from heat sources until you consume it. Does not require refrigeration. In case it is cooled it becomes solid. It can be reverted to a liquid state with NO distortion when thawed.
* Use it in raw green salads as dressing with lemon or vinegar on grilled meats – chicken – fish or drink a tablespoon every morning.
* The Mediterranean diet, whose main ingredient is the extra virgin olive oil, increases the life expectancy of a healthy living.